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Wojciech Hlibowicki

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I was born in Poland, lived in Canada all my life, and currently work in downtown Toronto.

What I do

Quite often I have a hard time explaining what exactly I do in a few words, as I dabble in everything tech related, as that is where my passion lies. If I had to choose just one title to describe what I do, it would have to be a software developer, as it seems to be my most marketable skill. Here is a full list of things that could fit:

Cleaning up seems to be a very reoccuring thing I do, as companies will come to me to fix things and make everything more stable. This is essentially where I shine, as I am able to pick up big projects fairly quickly with a very small learning curve compared to most, and fix it, which sometimes has me rewrite huge poritions of a system in the end for optimal results.

I am also capable of designing, developing and implementing whole systems/sites from the hardware level (piecing servers from parts), to the front end where I will make sure the site runs as fast as possible/feasible, and the best part is that I take great pride in it.

Lastly, I am also capable of implementing and developing new technologies. I believe that there is nothing we can not do today with the internet, there is always a way, even if we have to modify the kernel or server software (apache/mysql/PHP).